“Murdered” by Chua Dick Woei was announced as the winner of the 6th edition of the annual BMW Shorties Short Film competition.

His winning entry emerged ahead of 91 other submissions to receive the annual BMW Shorties Grand Prize in the form of a RM 75,000 production grant.

“Murdered”, the BMW Shorties 2012 winning team

The film is a 15-minute short based on the experiences of a scriptwriter’s unconventional path to the creative process and it’s also the first short film in the history of the BMW Shorties competition to be nominated and awarded six of the supporting award categories including:

  1. Best Cinematography
  2. Best Screenplay
  3. Best Production Design
  4. Best Editing
  5. Best Sound Engineering
  6. Best Actor Award (for the performance of the short film’s lead actor, Lee Yee Han)

[youtube id=”uiGzmNko7jg” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Aside from this stunning sweepstake at the awards night, the BMW Shorties 2012 jury also awarded “Muthal Naal Indru”, a short film by Jagatesh Lechumanan, a special “Honourable Mention” award for its portrayal of the life of a young prostitute played by Jaya Ganason who also received this year’s award for Best Actress.

Completing this year’s line-up of awards was M. Suresh for the short film “Das” which was the recipient of the People’s Choice Award, an award category selected entirely through public voting via the BMW Shorties website.

“Das” team (People’s Choice Award)

The over five minute long short film discusses the consequences of a school boy who discovers a gun and the accidentally shoots a pregnant lady at a night market.

The full lists of award winners for the BMW Shorties 2012 are:

  • Grand Prize Award – Chua Dick Woei for “Murdered”
  • People’s Choice Award – M. Suresh for “Das”
  • Best Screenplay Award – Chua Dick Woei for “Murdered”
  • Best Sound Design Award – Michelle Lee for “Murdered”
  • Best Actor Award – Lee Yee Han as Bak Long in “Murdered”
  • Best Actress Award – Jaya Ganason as the younger female in “Muthal Naal Indru”
  • Best Cinematography Award – Jordan Chiam for “Murdered” 
  • Best Editing Award – Chua Dick Woei for “Murdered”
  • Best Production Design Award – Koh Chong Cheng for “Murdered”

Entries for the BMW Shorties 2012 top 10 finalists’ as well as nominees for other supporting award categories can be viewed online at the BMW Shorties website. Alternatively, you could also hit up the BMW Shorties Facebook page for more information.

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