So, say you’ve got a new line of products. Whatever they may be, we’ll leave that up to your imagination. And say you kinda want to call it, “Adele” for whatever reasons. Then think again because news flash, you can’t. Reason being, it has been trademarked. By none other than the British songstress herself.

In order to stop people from mistreating/misusing her name, award-winning artiste Adele claimed her name. All of it. With a big fat trademark. According to The Sun, “She doesn’t want anyone exploiting her name by using it on products which may trick punters into thinking she’s involved with it.”


Hmm. We feel like there’s a back story to this. Perhaps some companies have tried to sell their products e.g. jewellery, perfume, etc. by using Adele’s name?

We can’t say it’s not Adele’s smartest move yet. Bring on all the legal stuff should anyone dare try to use her name every again!


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