“..but Kim Kardashian & I are the best couple of all time. OF ALL TIME!”

Yup. The rumours are no longer rumours. It’s true. They’re all true.


US Weekly confirmed that odd coupling but “best friends since forever” are dating. both 31-year-old Kim Kardashian (who had a rough past year) and 34-year-old Kanye West officially stepped out as a couple in New York City, shopping at Jeffrey’s together. They were also seen catching the flick, “The Hunger Games” together. Plus, it didn’t help that they were spotted on their Serafina’s lunch date on the Upper East Side.

(Gosh. Don’t we sound all “Gossip Girl”-ish to you?)

Kim has, for the longest time now denied that love from stemming from their friendship. She has always wholly claimed that their relationship was strictly platonic. But how long can one reality TV star keep a secret anyway, right? She even flew all the way to Paris, France, for front row seats at his fashion show in February.

We have eyes and ears, Kim, eyes and ears.

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