How did you celebrate your Christmas? Because we sure as heck know how American singer Miley Cyrus celebrated hers! And, uh, what weirdness she got up to. See, the thing is, she was seen in her car with a friend who was seated next to her. But her friend wasn’t wearing any clothes. Also, it appears that her friend was the “inflatable kind”, if you know what we mean.

Yup. Miley Cyrus got a, get this, sex doll.

But it didn’t stop there, of course. The 20-year-old even took the time to tweet it with a caption that read, “Does this count for the carpool lane? Such a nice Xmas gift”:


How public. Let’s not forget that she was once Hannah Montana so imagine the amount of kids who still look up to her like a big sister. Disastrous much?

Alright, Miley. We know it’s Christmas and all but..a sex doll? We sure hope that it was a gift and not something you decided to buy for yourself. Sleep right (with your doll)!


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