Aww. We’ve always known that Rihanna have always had a soft spot despite looking bad a$$ all the time.

Last June, RiRi lost someone who was so special; she meant the world to RiRi. Her name was Clara “Dolly” Brathwaite and she was RiRi’s grandmother. In July, RiRi took to Twitter about her grandmother’s (whom she fondly calls “grangranDOLLY”) death:


Now, with treasured memories of her late grandmother held close to heart, RiRi has decided to donate USD1.75 million to a hospital located in Barbados. It was said that the hospital named, “Queen Elizabeth Hospital” in Bridgetown, Barbados was also visited by RiRi’s mother, grandfather, and RiRi herself.

“This was my way of giving back to Barbados, in a form of philanthropy, by assisting the QEH in its continued modernization program, I believe that this will have a huge impact on the people of Barbados. This was all done to save lives, or at least extend them”, said Rihanna to E! News.


Thanks to Rihanna’s openhanded contribution, the hospital’s radiotherapy department has been renamed to “Clara Braithwaite Centre for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine”! And just how awesome is that? We’re so proud of you for giving back, RiRi. And we’re pretty sure that your “grangranDOLLY” is proud of you too.



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