Wasn’t it just last month that “Transformers” star was officially single? Man, he moves fast!

Because in recent news, Shia LaBeouf and his co-star from the upcoming “Nymphomaniac” movie, Mia Goth are officially seeing each other. Sure, they haven’t made their relationship a big deal but it’s not something they can hide any longer. The story of their lives as follows:


The pair first met on the set of the film. In “Nymphomaniac”, both Shia and Mia share real-life sex scenes that have allowed them to be, uh, extremely comfortable with each other. Convenient much? According to a source, “They’ve kept their relationship under wraps, but they pretty much started dating after he broke off things with Karolyn a few months ago”.


We wonder what Shia’s ex, Karolyn Pho has to say about all of this. Meanwhile, “Nymphomaniac” will be released in May 2013 in Denmark. Who wants to see Shia and Mia have sex for real?


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