This holiday season, Paddle Pop and Cityneon Malaysia proudly present an exciting prehistoric adventure of colossal proportions called “The Jurassic & Ice Age Adventure” at I-City, Shah Alam. The exhibition will see life size dinosaurs, mammoths, and ice-age creatures brought to life using animatronics and special effects. The exhibition is aimed at kids of all ages, dinosaurs’ fans, history buffs and budding adventurers and explorers.

This one of a kind adventure is certain to enthrall visitors with a thrilling & exciting adventure as it takes them on a journey by foot to an awe-inspiring 2.6 million years back in time adventure, which combines incredible sets, music and arts while incorporating an exciting and entertaining introduction to the real science of field archaeology.


Showcasing items from “Extinction of Dinosaurs” to the “Ice Age” era, this spectacular edutainment exhibition will feature 25 Life-Sized Animatronic Creatures which is far more than a static display of props. Visitors can follow the “PrehistoricTrail”, which chronicles Prehistoric archaeological adventures from historical discoveries of Dinosaur Revolution to the commencement of Ice Age era.

Along with the Prehistoric Trail, the exhibition will take visitors through four zones:

  1. Early Evolution
  2. The Extinction
  3. Ice Age Glacials
  4. Ice Age Interglacials

Throughout the journey, museum-goers will encounter archaeological highlights and learn how archaeology and global climate has changed from Triassic period, approximately 230 million years ago when early evolution took place, until the Ice Age era.

The entire experience is enhanced with well-researched educational information of the evolution together with various information on anatomical characteristics, food chains and scientific discoveries about the habitant of these prehistoric creatures.

The exhibition is open from 11am to 10pm (week days) and from 11am to 12am (weekends) respectively offers an exciting variety of activities from competitions, day camps, educational excursions and scavenger hunts. To add to this unforgettable adventure the visitors will also have an opportunity to join our enthusiastic paleontologists in reenacting this part of our natural history during our scheduled museum tours.

For ticket enquiries and further information, visit their website.

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