Lip balms – the handiest inventions ever. We’re talking about those little miracle tubes of stuff that keeps your lips from chapping, peeling, bleeding, hurting, you name it. And guys, don’t deny it. We know some of you use it – okay, maybe not the flavoured or tinted ones.

Mm. Flavoured ones. Some of them are really quite tasty. Good enough to eat! Pun totally intended.

And some are, err, questionable:


Wasabi Lip Balm

Seriously, why? Assuming it really is wasabi-flavoured as in really, really wasabi-flavoured, then wouldn’t that make it too “hot” for application? And really, do you want to be kissing someone with this on their lips? We think, “painful” would be the best way to describe this. Ouch!

Pickles Lip Balm

Sigh. So many of us, we go through the trouble of specifically saying, “And no pickles” or “Don’t want pickles” whenever we’re ordering a burger or a sandwich. Totally understandable. We don’t know that many people who are big fans of pickles anyway. So why..lip balm..? Flavour..? Huh?

Absinthe Lip Balm


“Oh, honey, did you have a long day? Need to unwind? Here..” is probably not the right thing you want to hear before someone offers you this. C’mon, we all know that flavour without the real effects is, “Meh, boring”. And to begin with, Absinthe isn’t exactly popular for the way it tastes either. Meh.

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