“Make way! Diva coming through! Move it, move it!”

You know, Justin might as well have his personal assistant plus bodyguards plus friends scream those words wherever he’s going because he totally made his “diva debut” yesterday. It seems that he was shopping in Miami when an incident involving the paparazzo happened.

And no, he didn’t beat anyone up this time. He simply walked out from one of the stores and decided that Christmas should come early for the paparazzo. What is this pre-Christmas “treat”, you ask? A copy of his album? His autograph? A flying kiss?


Nope. More like..a flying bottle. Justin Bieber threw a bottle of water one of the paparazzo!

He got away with it this time around though. But only because there weren’t any cops around to witness the divaness. Also, according to the state law, he could’ve been slapped with a USD50 fine for littering. Yes, a water bottle is considered litter – especially if you’re throwing it around or at someone.



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