But if you’re thinking that he’s giving more money to Miss Lohan, the answer is a BIG no. After all, Lindsay didn’t even thank the good man. This time, Charlie Sheen is helping someone who really deserves it.

According to TMZ, the once troubled “Two and a Half Men” actor was having chatting with a police officer in Los Angeles. While they were talking, the cop unintentionally mentioned his colleague’s 10-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with cancer. It is believed to be “Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma”, a muscle cancer that requires a year of expensive treatment.

Charlie was immediately touched by the story and wrote a cheque for $US75,000 for the police association’s fund for the girl’s therapy. He then said, “No parent should have to watch their kid go through that.”


He also donated an additional $US25,000 for the girl’s medical expenses.

Wow! That’s a total of $US100,000 altogether. We have never been so proud of Charlie before, kudos to you. You could be a changed man after all.


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