On December 2nd, world-renowned 2012 Hennessy Artistry rocked the Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center. The mega event featured rock band Mayday, American heartthrob glam-rock artist Adam Lambert, Portuguese soul diva Aurea and Korean classic-rock band Nemesis.

Four winners of “2012 Pursue Your Dream of Music On-line Audition” fulfilled their dreams of performing on stage with the famous artists. Chinese famous rock musician Wang Feng made a surprise appearance to perform at Hennessy Artistry together with the four winners.

2012 Hennessy Artistry Shanghai Artistes
Wanting Qu

At the red carpet, celebrities of the music world added to the glamour of the moment. These included celebrity singers Wanting Qu, Lolipop F, Alan Kuo, Chen Yaochuan, Chen Shaoqi, and Li Sisong.


The party show kicked off with celebrating performance by Li Guang, Li Yuanbang , Liu Siwei and Hong Kong band “Empty” who were the winners of from “2012 Pursue Your Dream of Music On-line Audition”. Their impressive vocal performance had crowd cheering move on and clearly showed their talents.

The four winners then continued their performance with the medley song “Fly Higher” (飞得更高). Meanwhile, Wang Feng appeared from the stage with his contagious sound and then continued his solo performance with compositions that included “in full bloom life” (怒放的生命), “In Spring” (春天里) as inspired displays of his distinctive rock music style.

Next on stage was American handsome glamrock singer Adam Lambert, who introduced his Pop-Rock crossover, hit songs “If I had you”, “Kickin” and “Chokehold”. After singing in perfect unison, Adam Lambert continued with his popular works “Better than I”, “Never Close” and “Fever”.

Adam Lambert

After the crowd applauded Adam’s wonderful swan song, Nemesis brought the audiences to another level of excitement. Attired in their special outfit, they treated fans to the full blast of Korea-Baroque rock’s spectacular rhythms that accompanied their songs “If I didn’t Dream” , “Gees x Venus”, “I gotta Feeling” and “TaTaTa”.

Next to appear at Hennessy Artistry 2012 was Aurea, amongst Portugal’s top musical acts. With her superb voice, she has been widely known in numerous major singing awards. From her new upbeat “Don’t Ya Say it” which aroused strong passions, to the soulful soul ballad “Waiting for you”, “The Main Things”, “Scratch My Back” and “NONONO” which evoking melancholy.


Fan excitement further heightened with the appearance of Mayday, a rock band whose popularity transcends the Asian region. Beginning with their anthem of chasing a dream “Sun Wukong”(孙悟空), they brought the evening to a climax. Included in their song lineup was the upbeat “DNA”.

They then moved to love ballads “Contentment”(知足) which their fans breathlessly savored. With “Cheers”(乾杯), fans imagined that they could turn back the clock while also resonating emotionally with the lighthearted hit “Suddenly Missing You” (突然好想你).


Mayday’s soulful performance with four winners from “2012 Pursue Your Dream of Music On-line Audition” of “Love ING”(恋爱ING) was in a powerful and moving rendition which drew Hennessy Artistry 2012 to a perfect close.

To bring in more audiences to witness this world-class music event, “Hennessy Artistry 2012” was also live-streamed via this website.

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