The Grammy-winning singer Adele, who welcomed her first baby boy in October might have forgotten to perform something. We’re not talking about concerts here, peeps. It’s her baby we’re talking about. See, the problem is, she didn’t register her son legally.

What? Yes.

In the UK, births must be legally registered within 42 days and it has been 51 days since the couple had the newborn. Obviously they have passed the 42-day legal deadline and legal actions will be taken. So, what’s the damage?


The government fined Adele and the hubby a sum of £1,000 (MYR 4,924) for not registering the birth of their son on time. Gasp!

“All births must be registered within 42 days of the child being born,” as stated by the UK government’s website. Also not forgetting documents that contain information about the baby like place and date of the birth, parent’s names, sex of the baby and the list goes on.


Well we’re not that worried about the fine, after all Adele is like what..a gazilionaire?

But Adele, do your bundle of joy a favour and please legally register his birth!


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