On the 11th of February 2012 (just hours before a star-studded party on the eve of the music industry’s annual Grammy awards show), the news of pop legend and soul diva Whitney Houston’s tragic passing shook the world.

Since then, there has been many speculations as to how she died or what exactly killed her. Ruling out suicide and foul play, coroners set deep into the investigation of the singer’s untimely death.


An empty bottle of Xanax (a well-known prescriptive sedative drug) and a plethora of medication bottles, alcohol, and cocaine, amongst other items were found strewn around the room

And now, they can finally wrap up her case.

Today, more precise and accurate information have emerged, trumping all other rumours that have been heavily fogging up entertainment news. The coroner’s report reveals the grisly details of Whitney Houston’s death:

  • Whitney Houston may have overdosed on drugs and alcohol before drowning face-down in tub of extremely hot water about 12 inches deep.
  • The Grammy-winning singer’s accidental drowning could have been due to a heart attack, triggered by cocaine.
  • A 60% narrowing of her arteries suggests that Whitney Houston might’ve had a very mild heart disease.
  • An autopsy report suggested that she might have also suffered a seizure from the use of cocaine possible combined with a withdrawal from alcohol and a prescription sedative.

And that’s it. Just like that.

Go here for the final coroner’s report on her death.

May we remind you that she won six Grammys and sold over 170 million albums, singles, and videos over her booming career. However, her stardom suffered a great fall when in recent years, the singer’s accomplishments were overtaken by her struggles with drug addiction.


Sigh. Life is a short, and it is precious. It truly is. Rest in peace now, Whitney.

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