Famous tattoo artist Kat Von D has a crazy fan that has been stalking her on Twitter and in person. What’s creepier is that the former “LA Ink” star claims that stalker Micheal Nunn appeared at her workplace, tried to get in touch with her online, and on April 29th, he even tried calling her from the street outside her place.

On May 5th, the stalker sent a box of candy to her, following which, he tweeted her phone number after she asked him to stop bothering her. Uh. The dude is really something. Obviously, Kat couldn’t take it anymore so she filed a police report.


In the police report, Kat claims that he has “delusional and paranoid tendencies, including a belief the FBI is watching him and that celebrities want to harm him”. Hmm. We wonder what Joel aka deadmau5 aka Kat’s off-and-on-again boyfriend thinks about all this!

As stated in the restraining order, Nunn must stay 100 yards away from Kat and he is required to stop contacting her on the internet. Later this month, a hearing will determine whether it should be made permanent.


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