As the sole relevant voice of nightlife in the Klang Valley and Malaysia, JUICE Malaysia will be celebrating their 10th anniversary. In conjunction of the anniversary, JUICE Malaysia will be having nine different activities that will be ending with the finale party.

The nine activities includes a party night with Deer Society, JUICE tee party x Pestle and Mortar launch, Grafa gig, a JUICE Documentary, an art exhibition, an official pre party, JUICE sale day, Block party, Charity day and the Finale party.


The finale party will be on Thursday, 13th of December 2012 at Stage KL from 9pm-3am. We will be having local acts to be playing on that day which includes Twilight Action Girl, Enterprise and many more. The night will be head lined by Major Lazer.

This party is an invites only event. To win invites, go here.

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