Last week, some of the world’s most popular YouTubers (also known as half of the YTF family) were in town for a cozy “on stage” session for their adoring Malaysian fans. Yes, they’re none other than Victor Kim, Andrew Garcia, and JR Aquino.

We hung out with them before their show, oh you know, just catching up and all that good stuff. Were we starstruck? Pretty much! After all, it’s always surreal to see our favourite YouTubers in the flesh. Always.


So, here’s what went on when we finally got to speak to the boys themselves:

Hi guys! Yay, you’re all here.

Andrew Garcia: “Hi!”

Victor Kim: “Hi! We’re all naked!”

JR Aquino: “When you type this out, type that we’re naked.”

Haha. Anyway, how are you guys liking Malaysia? 

All: “We love it!”

Victor Kim: “Great food.”


What was your initial reaction when you heard that you were coming to Malaysia?

All: “Yay!”

JR Aquino: “Well, Ryan actually showed us videos from when he was in Kuala Lumpur a few months ago.”

Andrew Garcia: “Yeah he had a vlog from his travels and we saw it! It got us really excited to finally come here and perform.”

Taken with a HTC One S

Speaking of performing, do you guys still get stage fright before you go on stage?

Andrew Garcia: “Uh. We used to. I think now it’s just excitement.”

JR Aquino: “I usually get a little jittery right before I get on stage, but after I start performing it goes away. Andrew’s a pro though!”

Victor Kim: “For me, well, it depends but not usually anymore.”

Is there something you boys do before you go on stage? Like some sort of a group hug or..

Andrew Garcia: “Happy juice!”

JR Aquino: “(laughs) Yeah happy juice!”

Andrew Garcia: “But before our YTF shows, before we go out on stage, we do this chant thing.”

JR Aquino: “We also hold each other, ever so softly, whisper sweet nothings..”

Bromance, huh? We’re feelin’ the love. There’s only three of you here today but within the YTF group, who do you look up to the most (individually)?

Andrew Garcia: “I have to say, really, that we each have our own individual styles and we’ve come together as YTF. We’ve got dancers, we’ve got singers, we’ve got YouTube geniuses – I get inspired by all of them every time I watch their videos.”

 JR Aquino: “I feel like each and every one of us look up to each other. And that’s why we’re YTF. It really is bromance.”

Andrew Garcia: “We’re family. We’re not even brothers. We are lovers.”

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This interview is going to go out and people are going to think, “Oh my goodness the YTF boys are gay!”

Andrew Garcia: “Oh well we are definitely ‘happy’!”

All: “(laughs)”

Haha. Okay, so, all jokes aside, which one of your shows would you say was your most memorable?

Andrew Garcia: “I would have to say..our first YTF show. That was when I was American Idol and to be on that tour with the YTF boys was a totally different experience. So many amazing different cities and the amazing fans. The best part was that..we controlled the stage, it was our show.”

JR Aquino: “What he said! Andrew answers all the good stuff!”

All: “(laughs)”

JR Aquino: “No, seriously. YTF in Hawaii. That has definitely got to be my most memorable show.”

Victor? Are you daydreaming?

Andrew Garcia & JR Aquino: “Yeah he is! (laughs)”

Victor Kim: “Uhm. The Australian tour. We just went on that a few days ago and a lot of memorable things happened.”

If you could turn back time and change the one thing you can change about your past, what would it be?

Andrew Garcia: “I would change nothing.”

JR Aquino: “I would change nothing too or I wouldn’t be here today, talking to you..”


Victor Kim: “I would change everything! Just kidding. You know, with enough time passing, even the negative things in that past have all made sense. It’s all part of the bigger picture.”

Taken with a HTC One S

Again, aww. We miss them already. Let’s all hope that YTF will come back to Malaysia as a complete group sometime soon. We’re talking, Victor Kim plus Andrew Garcia plus JR Aquino plus Ryan Higa plus Chester See plus D-Trix. Yes? No harm in wishing!

For those of you who missed “FYI On Stage in Kuala Lumpur“, here, spy on this:

[youtube id=”5pEz03gC4ig” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Special thanks to our friends from M.E Malaysia for making this interview happen.

For more information, hit up YTF’s official website or Facebook page, or heck, stalk them via the YTF Twitter account. Also, the boys have individual Twitter accounts so feel free to follow up Victor Kim, Andrew Garcia, and JR Aquino. Don’t tell them that we told you to though. Sshh!

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