We gotta give it to Robbie Williams. After all these years, during and post “Take That”, he still stays true to his “rebellious right down to his very core” musical style. And perhaps personal style too. His latest album, “Take The Crown” is testament to that.

Let’s start with “Be a Boy”:

They said it was leaving me,


The magic was leaving me,

I don’t think so,

I don’t think so.

They said it was leaving,

They said it with joy,

Now I could make this last forever,

And be a boy, and be a boy.

If you asked us, it sounds like Robbie isn’t quite ready to grow up. And why should he, anyway? Not just any random artiste can muster up the energy to produce such adrenaline driven songs at his age (Robbie is 38 years old) and still get people excited like it’s a debut. We especially like how he retains his mischief.


The trailblazing “bad boy” of the British music industry also leaves no trace of doubt in his ever booming career with songs like upbeat-sounding songs like “Candy”:

[youtube id=”gtOV7bp-gys” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Yes, according to the above music video, this bad boy can turn good too. We must say, we raised our eyebrows at the sight of his pink gear but all was forgiven when we couldn’t stop bobbing our heads to the somewhat “bubblegum pop”-ish tune. And what do you mean he should act (or rather, sing) his age? We’re lovin’ this!

Now, let’s talk about “Different“:

[youtube id=”MFCWdrnZIIs” width=”600″ height=”350″]

What good is Robbie Williams without at least one song that consists slightly emo, more heartfelt words, right? It’s moody but it’s almost inspiring. Think along the lines of his popular hit, “Better Man”.

With lyrics like:

Will you listen now?

Can you forgive me somehow?

This time I’ll be different, I promise you,

This time I’ll be special, you know I will,

Just don’t leave with me in your eyes.

This time I’ll be better, I want you to know,

This time I’ll be special, oh God, make it so,

Just don’t leave with me in your eyes, your eyes, your eyes.

Oh, have we said too much? Perhaps we should leave some room for you to pick up Robbie Williams’ “Take The Crown” at a music store near you today. Like immediately. Like now.

Because it’s worth it.

For more information, hit up Robbie Williams’ official website.

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