Legendary Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy is engaged to Crystal Harris. For the second time.

They were both engaged once but they cancelled their first wedding in June last year. Hugh Hefner, 86, and Crystal Harris, 26, will exchange their vows at the Playboy mansion on New Year’s Eve with close friends and family. Sources tell TMZ that the pair has patched things up and they’re better than ever. After being away with Hefner, it taught Crystal to stand on her own two feet and that is what she always needed. (Source)


Also, in terms of age, they’re about oh..only 60 whole years apart. Yes, wow! Our jaws dropped too. But age is just a number, right?


According to Crystal on KIIS-FM radio show she said, “For a while, I’d been having second thoughts about everything, so I haven’t really been at peace with myself lately. It was all just happening too fast for me. I just sat back and thought about it all. Is this what I wanted? And it wasn’t.” (Source)

But not to worry, she’s ready to walk down that aisle and rock that big puffy wedding gown – we think.

Don’t you go running away now, Crystal!

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