TGV Cinemas, Malaysia’s leading exhibitor and multiplex cinema chain operator presented The Twilight Saga marathon at TGV Wangsa Walk. Movie buffs and cinema-goers were treated to an exceptional 12-hour run of The Twilight Saga Marathon overnight featuring “Twilight”, “New Moon”, “Eclipse”, and “Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2”, the latter being the latest and last installment in the series.

Avid fans and participants of the movie marathon began crowding TGV Wangsa Walk since 10:00pm to redeem their marathon tickets.


A big plus during the event was when TGV Cinemas organized a “Best Dressed Competition” themed “Twilight at Midnight”, where many Twilight fans took the opportunity to join TGV Cinemas by playing dress up in costumes that best depict the characters in this blockbuster hit.

Three deserving winners were selected and rewarded with exclusive Twilight collector’s movie merchandise items.

The anticipation to catch the final conclusion of the Twilight Saga grew even bigger from time to time where lucky draw sessions were held during movie intervals. Lucky winners were ecstatic to walk away with limited edition Twilight collectibles.

TGV Cinemas also said that they will continue to organize movie marathons in the future as part of its approach to bring a unique new dimension to entice movie-goers in Malaysia.

In 2013, movie buffs can expect more movie marathon events for other future blockbusters in the coming year!

Meanwhile, if you haven’t caught “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2”, well, what are you waiting for? We did. And here’s what we thought of it. Don’t say we didn’t share!


For more information, visit TGV Cinemas’ official website or their Facebook page. They’re also pretty active on Twitter so you might want to hit “Follow” for all their activities and promos!

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