Remember that one time when “Twins” singer Gillian Chung was embroiled with the biggest sex scandal ever in the history of Hong Kong entertainment? Yes, the one that we still link to Edison Chen, even until today.

Well, it appears that the 31-year-old Gillian aka “Ah Gil” has found someone who loves her just the way she is – murky past and all.

Ah Gil has apparently caught the “Korean wave” and has been dating a “Kimchi Man” for the past half a year. The couple has been keeping their romance on the low but a few days ago, she and her new beau were spotted at Cyberport Cinemas on what appears to be a secret movie date. Ah Gil and her man arrived separately at the cinema hidden under baseball caps, dark shades, and mouth masks.


Way to go on attempting to remain inconspicuous, you two. It still looks suspicious to us!

“Kimchi Man”, or “Mr. K” as the Hong Kong media have now branded him, is a Korean filmmaker. He has also worked with popular Korean boy group BIGBANG’s leader. G-Dragon. Despite his busy schedule (what with having to work with big Korean artistes and all), Mr. K still made it a point to make special trips from Korea to Hong Kong just to be with Ah Gil.


Could he finally be Ah Gil’s Mr. Right? You think?


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