At first there were only five. But now, new reports have risen bringing a new count for the total number of artistes that were involved in a purported drug party. The artistes in mention are some of Hong Kong’s most prominent celebrities, such as daughter of Macau casino magnate Josie Ho, Eason Chan’s wife Hilary Tsui, newly married singer Grace Ip, and Cantonese hip hop group LMF.

Sounds like they’re fame and fortune is giving them leeway to have way too much “fun”.

Hilary Tsui

The said “drug party” took place at Suki Chai’s husband, Kenny Wong’s restaurant. Apparently, the celebrities involved (aka guests) were gathered there for a birthday celebration that evening. Staff reported that they heard strange noises coming from the room. They walked in only to find that the group was sitting together with blunt wraps, pills, and white powdery substance on their hands.


Upon being found out, some of the guests became very irate and got into a dispute with the staff over payment of the bill when the “party” ended give hours later.


However, the “best” part was that the entire incident was recorded by closed circuit cameras that were installed in the room, and the guests knew. Some of them even started pointing their fingers at the closed circuit cameras.

The Hong Kong police are still carrying out their investigations. More updates to come.


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