And again.

“Mean Girls” star Lindsay Lohan was arrested hours ago outside a popular nightclub in Manhattan and charged with misdemeanor assault after striking a female patron in the face. In short, she punched someone in the face and now she’s in trouble.

According to a New York City police source, the 26-year-old actress and the victim, 28-year-old Tiffany Eve Mitchell were sitting in separate VIP sections when a scuffle involving other club-goers broke out. Both women got up to avoid getting in the way of the scuffle but apparently, Tiffany accidentally bumped into Lindsay and then uh, we guess, that’s where Lindsay threw a punch in retaliation?

Tiffany Eve Mitchell

Lindsay Lohan was arrested outside the venue not long after. She was taken to the NYPD’s 10th Precinct stationhouse for questioning before being charged with third-degree assault. In your face, Lindsay!

We would really like to think that it was all “only an accident” and that “Lindsay didn’t mean to hurt anyone” but this case is just adding on to Lindsay’s bursting list of highly publicized run-ins with the law. Let’s not disregard the fact that she has had several falling outs with both her mother, Dina, and her father, Michael. Yup. All of that in the span of a year.

Oh, LiLo. When will you know when to stop?


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