There are funny and witty ads that people get but won’t get mad at because the ads make sense, and then there are funny and witty ads that hit people where it hurts most. Sorta.

This one shows the iconic Rio de Janeiro’s enormous statue, Christ the Redeemer, in bed with the Statue of Liberty. Not just any bed – some seedy motel bed from the looks of the neon signage. It looks very..”after-cuddly”, if you know what we mean. And is that a cigarette in Jesus’ hand?


The poster is purportedly an ad for Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) and it carries a tagline that reads, “Make The World Closer”. For the non-believers, it’s easy to grasp the idea within seconds of viewing because, oh you know, statues. Icons. Countries.

But for the more heavily religious people i.e. the people in Ukraine, we see an uproar rising. In fact, as we speak, the image is already going viral, making stops across several social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook) and being shared by various sites:

Advertisement Journal

Ads of the World


The Jackal News

Business Insider

Uh oh!


Psst. Don’t worry, we found out that the ad is fake and definitely not commissioned by the airline. It was done by creative director Aleksandr Bozhko for an awards show. Mr. Bozhko is now trying to get the poster removed from the internet.

What? Get a poster that has gone viral off the internet? You must be new around here. Good luck. Oh, and good luck with UIA too.

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