A 14-minute YouTube film that“debuted” in September this year, sparking riots and attacks on U.S. embassies in Muslim countries in the Middle East. Named, “Innocence of Muslims”, the controversial film portrays the Prophet Muhammad as a fraud and womanizer.

In short, it is an insult to the Muslims.

Screenshot from “Innocence of Muslims”

The low-budget, anti-Islam “Innocence of Muslims” was made by Californian man Mark Basseley Youssef. Although it clearly triggered violence in the Middle East soon after its release, Youssef maintains that he had no regrets in directing the film:


I thought, before I wrote this script, that I should burn myself in a public square to let the American people and the people of the world know this message that I believe in.

– Youssef


And just today, Youssef was sentenced to death in absentia in an Egyptian court. But because he lives in the United States, he’s unlikely to ever serve the sentence.


Also, under court law in Egypt, receiving a sentence of death in absentia entails an automatic opportunity to request an appeal once the defendant re-enters Egypt.


Is this justice? We’ll let you decide.

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