With all the paparazzo following them around like a shadow, Katie Holmes has decided call her darling angel Suri, by a different name. If you see Katie Holmes and a little girl in public, that’s not Suri, that’s Sara. A source told In Tough magazine that the newly single mum is calling her “Sara” in effort to help disguise her identity.

Like any other celebrities, Suri has been in the spotlight her entire life, and usually looking sad and unhappy from all the unnecessary media attention plus from being chased/followed around by the paparazzo. According to the source, “Everyone in the world knows Suri Cruise, so if Katie or a babysitter says ‘Suri’ people immediately look to find her”.


Recently, the actress’s “Dead Account” co-stars heard her referring to her daughter as “Sara” in front of them. That’s a pretty brilliant idea if you ask us. The fun-sized celeb, who was spotted at a “Build-a-bear Workshop” back in August, wanted her bear to be named “Sara” as well.

Aww. Isn’t Suri we mean Sara adorable?


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