Apparently, X Factor co-host, Khloe Kardashian recently received a doubtful letter. This isn’t just any letter or any fan mail though; the letter contained some suspicious white powder. What was weirder was that the letter was sent to the CBS studio addressed to Khloe instead of her house.

So the question is, was it cocaine, powder, or other dangerous substances (read: Anthrax)?


According to TMZ, the mysterious letter came in the morning and FBI got to the studio moments after that. After investigating the puzzling dust, the law enforcement confirmed that the powder is harmless. In the envelope, there was also a written letter but they don’t know what it was.

Apparently this isn’t the first incident where a package containing white substance was sent to the CBS studio. A couple of months ago, Bristol Palin, daughter of the famous American Politician Sarah Palin, received a package that contains white dust that turned out to be talcum powder.


Whoever and wherever you are, this game that you’re playing is not funny.


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