If you’re an Instagram for iOS user, open your app. But first be prepared to be flooded by “follow requests” or “followed by” notifications. And it’s all because merely 24 hours ago, Instagram officially released the app for Android.

While the entire universe of Android-based smartphone users are rejoicing after the extremely long wait, the Instagram for iOS “IG-ers” are clearly unhappy. Thought we’re not sure why.


Again, it has only been 24 hours but already, the “pioneers” of Instagram have been kept busy all day NOT dolling up their Instagram pictures like they usually would on a daily basis – but expressing their “haters gonna hate” rants all over social media:

(Picture source: buzzfeed)

The list goes on. Le sigh. Looks like not everyone’s please with the recent development. When will the iOS and Android war ever end? C’mon guys – don’t be hatin’.

And relax. It’s just Instagram.

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