E! News has just confirmed that David Beckham will be playing his last and final match for the 2012 Major League Soccer Cup on 1st December 2012. We wonder what his plans are after this though. Stay-at-home Dad, probably?

Beckham played total of six seasons with the Southern California team and sadly it’s time to say goodbye. He stated:

I’ve had an incredibly special time playing for the L.A Galaxy, however, I wanted to experience one last challenge before the end of my playing career. I don’t see this as the end of my relationship with the league as my ambition is to be part of the ownership structure in the future In my time here I have seen the popularity of the game grow every year. I’ve been fortunate to win trophies, but more important to me has been the fantastic reception I’ve had from fans in L.A. and across the States. Soccer’s potential has no limits in this wonderful country and I want to always be part of growing it.



Looks like a galaxy in a place far, far away will be missing a star. Oh David, worry not. Your bright future is a-waitin’!

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