She usually uses her voice to sing her lungs out, but this time to throw a massive, childish tantrum. Amber Riley, the “Glee” star who plays Mercedes, was very upset about an incident that happened at a nightclub. According from the people at the nightclub, the club didn’t want to supply her 30-person entourage with free booze. (Source)

The scene where Amber caused a scene (pun totally intended) was at none other than WIP in NYC. The same club where Chris Brown and Drake got into their “Fight Club” altercation. Amber vented her emotions via her Twitter account saying:


The famous actress said that she had already called the club in advance for reservation and discussed with the people. But in the club’s defense, the star promised to purchase several bottles and will be given a free bottle, but when they arrived, everyone wanted everything for free.

We still haven’t got any clue who is to blame but one thing’s for sure, Amber will never go back to throw another party at WIP. Nuh uh!


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