So, what would you do if you’re wandering at the park with your man and yet you don’t want to be disturbed by the press? Easy, put a scarf around your face and you’re good to go. At least that’s what Madonna did!

While strolling at the park with her hottie “boy toy”, Brahim Zaibat, Madonna covered her entire face with a scarf thinking she could hide from all of the paparazzo. Things didn’t go as planned as the press was still following them. Later that day the twosome had a sumptuous meal at the Soho Beach House in Miami.


The 54-year-old Madonna seemed shyer than she ever was that night. Well, probably she wanted some time alone with her man? Oh, and just so you now, her “knight in shining armor” aka Brahim is only 24 years old and he works as a dancer.

Ah, shall we call it “young love” then?


And Madonna, better luck next time with the disguise!


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