You know Christmas is approaching when a season-themed, feel good animated film is released. And “Rise of the Guardians” is steadily joining the ranks as a good season-themed, feel good animated film that you shouldn’t miss!

First off, let’s talk about how “Rise of the Guardians” starts off with a cast of characters that’s unlike any other cheesy Christmas-esque films. You’ll find that Santa (voiced by Alec Baldwin) is nothing like the way you would’ve imagined him to be, sporting “Naughty” and “Nice” tattoos on his forearms and speaking with a funny accent. The Easter Bunny (voiced by Hugh Jackman) is nowhere close to being as cute or cuddly as bunnies should be and he’s a lot more Australian than you would think.


The half-a-pint-sized Tooth Fairy (voiced by Isla Fisher) looks more like a hybrid of forest fairy and a peacock and a phoenix than anything else. And who would’ve thought that Jack Frost (voiced by Chris Pine) could look so, well, handsome?

Of course, let’s not forget the dark and brooding Pitch (voiced by Jude Law) who looks strikingly similar to what Jude Law looks like in real life.

That one was hardly a mystery, if you asked us.

We also loved how the storyline was crafted in such a way that you could be either five years old or 50 and you would still enjoy the festive fun of this film. For the little ones, “Rise of the Guardians” would most definitely educate them on the “Guardians”, their roles, and introduce them to the world of make believe. For the “bigger kids”, perhaps it’ll remind you of your childhood and walk you through the world of make believe that you so often frolicked in when you were younger.

After all, who hasn’t attempted staying up for Santa on Christmas Eve, right? And if you’ve ever left a tooth under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy, really, “Rise of the Guardians” is testament that there’s no harm admitting it:

[youtube id=”yd71LWhCO4s” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Sure, the film has very little logic – but then again, magic is never really logical. Our take? Most definitely worth catching in a cinema near you. Bring on the holiday season already!


“Rise of the Guardians” will be released in a cinema near you come 21st November 2012 (Wednesday). For more information, visit the movie’s official website.

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