The thing about die-hard fans is that they’re absolutely insane. Shannen Doherty (star of Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed) is accustomed to receiving adoring/loving tweets from fans and all that is sweet, of course – until it gets a little bit creepy. And by creepy, we mean completely suicidal.

One 27-year-old New Jersey woman took “tweeting your favourite celebrity” to a whole new level by throwing threats via the social media platform, claiming that if Shannen doesn’t call her, something ugly will happen. What else was Shannen supposed to do, right? She did the only thing any normal, caring person would’ve done – she picked up her phone and dialed..the cops.


Westampton Township Police Department said that they received the actress’s call and attended to the situation immediately. Shannen then obtained the lady’s address and gave it to the police department. Here’s the thing though, apparently, when the police got to the woman’s place, they found no signs that she had attempted to harm herself. Instead, her home was filled with her family members. The unidentified fan didn’t want to get hurt and even declined any medical attention.

Can you say, attention seeker?

But it all turned out well at the end of the day. With a huge sigh of relief, Shannen tweeted:

Phew! We’re glad everything’s okay too!


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