Let’s face it – the chances of us getting Coldplay to play live in our country anytime soon is slim to none. The upside of this is, at least we’re getting a glimpse of the band’s “Mylo Xyloto” album tour via “Coldplay Live 2012”. And perhaps when fans decide to pick up a copy of the DVD/Blu-Ray when it’s officially released, they’d realize why it’d almost be near impossible to fund such extravagance.

Firstly, considering the amount of concerts that we’ve been to, Coldplay’s “Mylo Xyloto” concert tour appears to be nothing like anything that we’ve ever seen before in all of our lives. The concert alone is, in one word, colourful.


To be perfectly honest, all the elements needed for the production (stage, backdrop, instruments, incandescent paint, lighting, sound system, confetti machines, massive balloons, details, details, details, and other random props) are new to our eyes.

Also, expensive. We say “and other random props” but we’re not discounting the genius big idea of engaging the crowd with lights – lots of it:

[youtube id=”EB-NbV4JTjU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Yes. As seen in the video, “Mylo Xyloto” concertgoers were issued LED wristbands aka “Xylobands” that light up in a brilliance of rainbow colours at the key moments in the show. The result?

An addictively lively atmosphere (which will later be transferred into visually stunning shots in “Coldplay Live 2012”) that we think, will make you stand up and pay attention. Even if you’re watching it in the comfort of your own home.

Of course, the pace of the concert is kept up throughout the entire show. Especially when the confetti machines are timed perfectly with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin’s leaps during “In My Place”. It’s the perfect slow-mo effect, which is usually hard to do in real life.

And who doesn’t love endless showers of colourful confetti?


We gotta admit though, that the bursts surprised us at first but Coldplay’s surprises certainly didn’t end there.

Whoever who was under the assumptions that the band is nothing but awkward and most of the time geeky can now suck it. For “Princess of China”, Coldplay brought out a specially invited guest, an iconic pop star to join them on stage. Her name? Rihanna. Her appearance totally took out the edge off of the show being an indie-rock concert. Translation, it was one more genius big idea to add to Coldplay’s repertoire.

When the lights go down, that’s 30,000 people’s lives colliding. Everyone there working is working for that moment, everyone watching is watching for that moment. It’s when you’re all in agreement about what you’re all doing so it’s a wonderful feeling of togetherness and possibility.

– Chris Martin

Following which, “Coldplay Live 2012” continues to pulsate with psychedelic colours and energy as the band goes on to perform their popular hits such as “Yellow”, “Fix You”, “Paradise”, “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall”, and “Viva La Vida”, just to name a few:

[youtube id=”9ldOuVuas1c” width=”600″ height=”350″]

It’s never a dull moment. We really didn’t want it to end. “Coldplay Live 2012” will be made available on CD + DVD, CD + Blue-Ray, and digitally on 20th November 2012 (Tuesday).

For the hardcore Coldplay fans, “Coldplay Live 2012” CD + DVD (local version) will be sold at RM27.50 (normal price RM45.90) for TWO DAYS ONLY on 24th and 25th November 2012 (Saturday and Sunday) at these selected outlets:

  • Rock Corner (all outlets)
  • Victoria Music Centre (all outlets)
  • Artist Gallery (all outlets)
  • Speedy (Pavilion KL and Mid Valley Megamall)
  • Movie Magic (One Utama)
  • Inverno Music Centre (Malacca)

For more information, visit Coldplay’s official website. For more videos, click!

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