UPDATE: On 6th December 2012 (Thursday), an assistant to John McAfee’s attorney found the former antivirus mogul lying on the floor of an immigration service cottage, When he proved unable to speak or move, he was taken to a police hospital. His lawyer then confirmed that McAfee had suffered from two mild heart attacks.

Previously, McAfee had seemed in good spirits since entering Guatemala, a move he claims was necessary to escape the persecution of the Belizian government and police. McAfee is wanted for questioning as a “person of interest” in the murder of a neighbor of his Belize residence.



A housekeeper on a small island in Belize found her American employer, 52-year-old Gregory Faull with a gunshot wound to his head, in his beachfront home. Upon discovering the deceased lying face up in a pool of blood, she called the police.

As the Belize Police Department began their investigations, which includes interviewing neighbours of the victim, they noticed that his next-door neighbor wasn’t home. Who was it? None other than John McAfee.

Source: foxnews.com

Cue the bells going off in people’s heads at the mention of that name and no, it’s not because a threat to your computer has just been found. John McAfee is, in fact, the founder of the software antivirus company, McAfee Inc. and he is now wanted by the police in the Central American nation of Belize. Although no charges had been filed in the case, 67-year-old McAfee is still “a person of interest” for the police.

Suspicions grew when residents commented on the former software executive’s strange character, saying that he was hard to befriend and that he seemed standoffish and unfriendly. On top of that, the killing came just a day after McAfee’s dogs died of some mysterious poisoning and Faull had frequently complained about the dogs barking. (Source)

Source: ziar.com

Records have also shown that Belize police have previously raided McAfee’s home looking for drugs and guns in April last year. They found guns, alright, but most of them were said to be legal. McAfee was then released without charge after being detained for a few hours. (Source)

Since then, McAfee is believed to be on the run, and uncontactable.

However, Wired magazine’s contributing editor, Joshua Davis, has been live-tweeting quotes and details from his e-mails and phone conversations with McAfee, who has repeatedly contacted him since Monday morning. The quotes include McAfee saying, “I am adept in hiding. I will do whatever it takes to stay alive.” and “I will not turn myself in.”:


McAfee also said that he believes that the Belize police have a vendetta against him and are trying to get him out of the country. He has since started a blog to document “his side of the story”.

How bizarre.


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