Call it luck, call it empathy, but today the National University of Singapore (NUS) stopped short of expelling Alvin Tan of the now-popular-but-defunct “Sumptuous Erotica” sex Tumblr. The 24-year-old, however, have refused to comment on the prestigious “Asian Ivy League” university’s decision, saying that he’s bound by a confidentiality agreement.

Previously an Asean scholar at NUS, a scholarship that is awarded to only 170 undergraduates from nine Asean countries annually, Alvin Tan will now have to pay full none-subsidized fees as a foreign student should he choose to resume his law studies. Yes, he has been stripped of funding for tuition fees, accommodation, and allowance. Word has it that from this point on, he will have to fork out at least RM275,000 to fund all seven years of his education costs in Singapore. (Source)


Such is the hefty price to pay for publicizing sexual trysts.

Prior to NUS’ decision, they were quoted as saying that Alvin’s actions were “inappropriate and was detrimental to the reputation and dignity of the university”. Singapore’s Education Minister Heng Swee Keat also stepped in to strongly condemn the situation, adding that Alvin’s behavior was “reprehensible and unbecoming of a scholar”.


The university has since kept mum about their verdict and final action soon after. As for Alvin’s girlfriend, Vivian Lee, there has been no updates about her since the news about her public apology last week. Both Alvin and Vivian have since deleted all their Facebook posts referring to their sex blog.


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