Ever wondered what it’s like to celebrate Christmas on an island with cool breeze in your face and your toes buried in the sand? Colbie Caillat takes you there. With four original songs and a handful of other Christmas classic remakes that you know by heart, this album is loaded with all the “warm and fuzzy” you’d need for the year end.

If you liked Colbie’s musical style in her debut hit, “Bubbly”, you’d love her satiny tropical interpretation of Christmas with her title track, “Christmas in the Sand”:

[youtube id=”RtSu3woTKM” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Colbie herself was quoted saying that “Christmas in the Sand” is the defining song for the record. We got to admit though that it sounds like festivities right out of Hawaii. And as the lyrics would suggest, the surfer babe loves Christmas in the snow but Christmas in the sand, oh man, she’ll tell you that’s where it’s at.

We also love her renditions of “Santa Baby” and “The Christmas Song“, simply because it’s some of our Christmas favourites – only done better. Besides, what’s there not to love when it’s laced with Colbie’s vocals? Right?

The other original song that we highly recommend you to check out is “Merry Christmas Baby“, which was recorded with fellow American singer-songwriter, Brad Paisley. Who is this Brad we speak of, you ask? Think, country rock.

Ah! So that explains the groovy vibes in this one:

[youtube id=”CJEHr3XVoaQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Yes, we know, it doesn’t sound anything like Christmas. But it sure does make us want to get up and dance. In a bar, in a pub, in a random diner somewhere suburban and maybe a little quaint – you get the picture. The magic in the production of this song was the fact that Colbie and Brad recording their parts separately and then only meeting for the first time after it was all over and done with at the Country Music Awards (CMA) 2012.



Also, you can’t fault the super adorable lyrics:

Now you see, I feel real good tonight.

Got music on the radio,

Yeah, I feel real good tonight.

Got music on the radio,

And feel like I wanna kiss you,

Underneath the mistletoe.

Now listen, Santa came down the chimney,

Half past three,

With lots of little presents for my baby and me.

Merry Christmas, baby.

You surely treat me nice.

And feel just like I’m livin’, livin’ in paradise.

Of course, in true Colbie tradition, she goes on to prove that releasing a Christmas album doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll take a break from her slightly more melancholic style of writing just yet. Previously, we heard “Mistletoe” online (via digital download) and we’re glad that it’s getting its official release!

“Mistletoe” was originally recorded in 2007 but for “Christmas in the Sand”, it was re-recorded by Colbie’s father, Ken Caillat and subsequently re-released:

[youtube id=”R5MlW5aOeHY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Best decision ever.

Colbie Caillat’s “Christmas in the Sand” is now available at a music store near you. Alternatively, you could also purchase the album via iTunes here. For more information, hit up Colbie Caillat’s official website or send her all your lovin’ via her Twitter account.

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