The “Waterplexx 5D” is a water-based attraction which engaged the rider’s sense of sight, sound, and touch. The first in the world of its kind, the “Waterplexx 5D” is also the first of two new attractions announced by Sunway Lagoon, with a total estimated investment of RM20 million.

Fog, smoke effects, water jets, fountains, and mist all packed into the ultimate, multi-sensory journey is what makes up a total”Waterplexx 5D” experience.


The “Waterplexx 5D” seats 36 people in every experience which lasts approximately 10 minutes. The riders are then put in the midst of the action of the animated movie. Whether its a pirate;s adventure or an underwater wonderland, visitors can expect to feel everything they see, from the gusts of wind to a powerful gale.

Following the launch of “Waterplexx 5D”, Sunway Lagoon is also set to launch the world’s largest vortex water ride, “Vuvuzela”, targeted for the first quarter of 2013.

For more information, hit up Sunway Lagoon’s website or Facebook page.

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