Across all media channels and social media platforms, the ”A State of Trance 600” (ASOT600) and “Future Music Festival Asia 2013” (FMFA 2013) word is still buzzing. With so many exciting surprises yet to come and acts yet to be revealed, we thought we’d take you away from the suspense for a bit and introduce you to the organizers (read: visionaries) behind all this madness.

During the FMFA 2013 press conference last week, we sat down with Jason Ayoubi (Director of Future Entertainment Australia) and Iqbal Ameer (Director of Livescape Asia) for a friendly little interrogation.

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They were of course, only too happy to oblige with their answers:


Hi Jason, Iqbal. So, on a scale of one to ten, how excited are you about FMFA 2013?

Jason: “Oh man. It’s off the charts, I tell you.”

Iqbal: “Yeah you should check Twitter right now. It’s crazy. We’re trending!”

Jason: “Yeah it’s fantastic!”

Iqbal: “ASOT600 and FMFA 2013 is going to make this cross-genre music fesitval the biggest ever in Southeast Asia, if not Asia. It’s everything we’ve ever hoped for – we had a goal, we had a vision, this is what we wanted to do. And this is it.”

We gotta say that when the lineup for Future Music Festival Australia was announced, we got really excited guessing which one of the acts were going to come to FMFA 2013..

Jason: “You know, there has always been this thing about..if the whole lineup is going to come to Malaysia. But here’s the thing, Australia is not going to get ASOT600! And that has captured so much attention from the Australian fans – and we know that because of that, a lot of them are going to come to Malaysia for FMFA 2013, for the two-day extravaganza.”

Iqbal: “Not only that, Singaporean partygoers will come. The Indonesians are also probably already making plans and booking flights. Basically everyone in the region!”

Taken with a HTC One S

Tell us a little bit more about next year’s theme though.

Jason: “It’s going to be a Mexican theme. We do a different theme every year. Two years ago, it was a Vegas theme. Last year, we had a futuristic sorta like a ‘Jetsons’ theme. For 2013, there are so many things we can do with the Mexican theme. The Australian one is called, ‘Day of The Dead-Set Awesome’ but we changed it a little bit to suit the Asian marketplace.”

Iqbal: “Even the F&B will be Mexican-themed. So expect huge piñatas, surprises, maybe some margaritas..”

Sounds awesome! Wait, we just got word that Sepang International Circuit might not be the venue..

Jason: “Well, what we’re trying to do is..we’re trying to announce things as we go along. The same way we waited to announce the lineup, we’re now waiting to announce the next set of things namely the remaining acts and artistes, and of course the venue. Keep checking back via the Facebook page for updates!”

Iqbal: “Yeah! We will definitely release more information as we go along.”

Alright! We’ll hold you to it. Last question, what can we expect from FMFA 2013?

Jason: “We took up a production a notch last year and in terms of, everything. Not just the sound. If you came last year and thought that was great well, the next FMFA is going to be bigger and better, with four stages and the works. Just you wait and see.”

We’re reeling with suspense and excitement. Thank you Jason and Iqbal for the chat. And thank you Future Entertainment Australia for bringing Future Music Festival to Asia once again! Now, will 2013 please come sooner?

Oh, and by the way, tickets go on sale this Friday, 16th November 2012! Race you there.

For more information or to obtain updates on the festival, hit up their website or their Facebook page. Also, keep a close watch on Future Music Festival Asia’s Twitter account for more surprises.

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