If you haven’t heard, young and charming Greyson Chance was in town last week for an autograph session as F.O.S Mid Valley Megamall. The turnout was incredible! And we’re talking, a total of 1,500 screaming kids plus some chaperoning adults. Non-screaming adults though, we assure you.

Also, we’ve got to hand it to Greyson for having handled the influx of Greysonators so well – he signed all (and we mean ALL) exclusive A4 posters for fans who pre-ordered his official merchandise and his new EP, “Truth To Be Told Part 1”.


But before all the madness, we snuck the little superstar away from all that screaming for a quick interview. Let’s find out what he has been up to and how he feels about being back in Malaysia so soon:

Hi Greyson! Welcome back to Malaysia. How has your week been?

“It has been busy! Kuching was incredible, as well as KK. I had a very fun time there. But today..today has been busy. And I’ve got that autograph session later..”

So much to do, so little time! If you had 48 hours in a day, what would you do?

“(Laughs) I’m sure my label would love that! More promos, more more promos. I would most likely just try to get more done in a day. I love going to the mountains to ski – so I’d love to go skiing all day if I could.”

You were really, really young when Ellen DeGeneres discovered you. What were some of the challenges that you faced when you first started out?

“I think..even now, I still face it. People underestimate me a lot because of my age. I write my own music and people are constantly very surprised by that when they hear that – because they think, oh Greyson is only 15 years old, he can’t do this, he can’t do that. And I’m kinda just like..get out of my way, let me show you that I can do it! It makes me angry because, I think now, especially in these times, no matter how young you are..if you’re determined and you want it, you can totally go out and do it if you work hard enough!”


That’s right though – you are 15 years old. Perhaps the most successful 15-year-old we know! And you’re turning 16 next year. What say we throw you a big party?

“Please don’t! I actually don’t like parties. I hate birthday parties! Because it’s just like, oh great..another year has gone by. I’m one year older. For my 16th birthday, going to dinner with my family and spending quality time with them would suffice. Just dinner. I like it simple.”

How do you feel about achieving so much (compared to a lot of artistes out there) and about being someone else’s dream at such a young age?

 “It makes me feel really, well, I just love writing songs, I love making music, and I love putting on shows. And to see all of that become something like this is spectacular! And I love my fans, I love all the support that they’ve shown me. And being someone else’s dream..a lot of artistes look up to each other all the time. I look up to other artistes all the time. But to be someone else’s dream is incredible.”

If you could collaborate with three singers, which ones would they be?

“Amy Winehouse, Tony Bennet, and John Lennon. But uh, oh no, I can only collaborate with one though because the rest are dead. In all seriousness, I would love to work with Amy Winehouse if i could, if she were alive. She’s got the best voice! I really love her, wait, let me show you (pulls out iPhone and flashes his Amy Winehouse wallpaper) ..see?”

Aww! Greyson Chance really is as sweet as they come, and extremely grown up now too. We could hardly hide how impressed we were by how he was like in the flesh. And now we understand why so many Greysonators around the world are so, so much in love with the young boy!

Special thanks to our friends from Universal Music Malaysia for making this interview happen. If you haven’t checked out our exclusive video of what went on during Greyson Chance’s autograph session at F.O.S Mid Valley Megamall, here:

[youtube id=”taw5LEsxMNE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

For more information, visit his official website or YouTube channel. Don’t forget to follow him via his Twitter account!

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