What? Lying to the police?  Lindsay is obviously following Pinocchio’s footsteps.

Earlier this year, troubled actress Lindsay Lohan was involved in a major car crash, which she claimed that she wasn’t behind the wheels. Seemingly, Lohan wasn’t telling the truth as several eyewitnesses have told the police that they saw Lindsay driving her Porche. And because of that she might be sent to jail.


This case will be filed as a misdemeanor by the Santa Monica City Attorney very soon as stated by the sources from the law enforcement. On top of that, Lohan is currently on trial for her jewelry stealing (eeriously LiLo, what were you trying to prove here?). It has been said that the judge who’s manning the case, Judge Stephanie Sautner, might send her behind the bars for a very long time.

Judging by all her felonies right now, the 26-year-old misfortunate actress might be in jail for one year or more. LiLo continues on her probation for stealing the necklace and is currently waiting for her latest case to start.

Good luck LiLo, maybe?


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