It’s that time of the year again where families reunite, friends have a good laugh over a meal and precious memories are created at home, as we gather to celebrate Christmas or the holiday season whilst ringing in the New Year.

It doesn’t matter what you have on your Christmas checklist this year, whether it’s buying gifts for friends and family, creating a Christmas wonderland at home or even cooking up a storm for that much awaited Christmas dinner, with the new IKEA Swedish Christmas range, you can delight guests and get the spirits going with decorations from little touches on place settings to glowing candles and sparkling lights.


Create some sparkles at the dining area by matching silver and glass candleholders like the new seasonal JULMYS tealight holder and SKIMMER silver-colour glass candlesticks. Also, fill a large BLOMSTER lantern with shiny seasonal ornaments from the JULMYS series or use them to liven up each place setting.

On top of that, to make sure the room shimmers, bathed in energy-saving, long-lasting LED from seasonal STRÅLA lighting like light chains and star-shaped pendant lamps.


Amidst all that, you are probably wondering how about the ever-essential Christmas tree? IKEA brings you the live Christmas tree in two sizes – one stands tall at 1.6 meters and priced at RM149 (IKEA FAMILY members can enjoy at RM129) while the other towers at 2.5 meters for RM189 (IKEA FAMILY members can enjoy at RM169).

On top of that, you can also take a stab at trying out different decorative ideas around your home to create a stylish yet festive setting. In short, it’s time to get crafty with everything and anything you find! Hang JULMYS baubles and ornaments on your lampshades, windowsills, old frames, decorative twigs or even arrange them like sweets on a cake stand.

Nothing beats the thrill and excitement of opening Christmas presents in anticipation of what’s underneath the wrapping. At IKEA, not only is ripping off the wrapping is fun but the art of wrapping is too! From silver bows and bright red ribbons to stripes, dots, trees, snowflakes and cookies – at IKEA this year, there’s no shortage of wrapping staples.


Keep it simple with ready-to-fill JULMYS gift bags and boxes in lots of shapes and sizes (even 70cm bags taller than mom’s knees). Get creative by wrapping with metre fabric, decorative garlands, tags and tape. Or why not use a roll of MÅLA drawing paper, too?

Whatever the gift, be sure to wrap it with a smile!

The new IKEA Swedish Christmas range is now available in the IKEA store.

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