Well one thing’s for sure, the queue must be long.

Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio is single again! Yes, single. Yes, separated. Partnerless. Unattached. The Titanic/Inception star has called it quits with his latest girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatheron. According to E! News, a source says that  the pair broke it off on Friday. Reason? Still unknown. (Source)


DiCaprio and Heatherton went to Mexico had an amazing lovey-adventure in the beginning of 2012. Irmelin, Dicaprio’s mother tagged along with them for their expedition. Three’s a crowd, no?

Before romancing Heatherton, 37-year-old DiCaprio was together with Blake Lively and also model Bar Refaeli. And just before Refaeli, superstar supermodel Gisele Bündchen and DiCaprio were an inseparable pair for a long four years. Apparently, there’s no ill will between Leo and Erin but there was some inkling somewhere that perhaps Leo is just not ready to settle down just yet. (Source)

Oh well! Start wishing hard, girls.

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