Malaysia’s much-loved F&N Fun Flavours soft drinks range is once again elevating the level of cheer amongst Malaysians with the launch of its all-new super-exciting Gempakz Campaign.

This campaign makes sharing special messages to special people and loved ones so much bigger by publishing messages and shoutouts on a giant LED screen located in front of the fountain at eCurve in Mutiara Damansara. This is the first giant LED screen in Malaysia that has been set up for such interaction among Malaysians.

All they need is a can or bottle of any of the six (out of nine) favourite F&N Fun Flavours available. Just use the app specially designed for the Gempakz campaign, capture the code on the can with your computer or smartphone camera, and thanks to F&N’s use of Augmented Reality, you’ll be able to add virtual gifts into any photograph on your device!


To start submitting shoutouts with your edited photographs, just enter the FnNFunMalaysia Facebook page, complete a simple registration form using the code on the can or bottle and follow the instructions. It’s that simple and awesome.


On top of that, they’re also giving away a total of RM40,000 in prizes for the highest number of shoutouts submitted, just to pump up the excitement! We’re talking, some of today’s most exciting tech must-haves including weekly prizes of 2 Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphones each week and a highly desirable Grand Prize of a tech-savvy goodie pack comprising items such as an iPad, laptop, and DSLR camera.

The more messages you send, the higher your chances of winning – so start right away!

The giant LED screen will be flashing these shoutouts from 1st until 30th November 2012 from its location in front of the fountain at eCurve in Mutiara Damansara. F&N fans located outside the Klang Valley, fret not! The mobile Gempakz truck will be travelling nationwide till 18th November 2012.

For more information, hit up the F&N Malaysia Facebook page.

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