Firstly, we can’t express just how much we love seemingly undiscovered and raw talents.  Especially those that come from characters that are nothing like what you would’ve imagined their voices to sound like. Case in point, American Idol 2011 contestant, Casey Abrams.

On the show, he singlehandedly won the hearts of American Idol fans and viewers around the world when he portrayed a naturally comedic character. The class clown type, if you will. To top it all off, he further proved himself with his mind-blowingly impressive performances.


Sure, Casey didn’t win the title – but he did cinch a recording contract.

His album, a self-titled one, is an absolutely killer. Imagine Casey’s slightly pitchy voice singing songs that are the kind of pop plus folk plus jazz that would suit an early morning drive. The kind that would leave you with positive vibes and butterflies in your stomach. For example, “Simple Life”:

[youtube id=”Nf1n22tvjWQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

This is what we would call, “guilt-free music” (because it ain’t bubblegum pop) that spreads good juju! It also helps that Casey delivers his songs with such ease – we really don’t even mind that he wasn’t the American Idol 2011 winner. As a matter of fact, “ease” would be a sore understatement. We could practically imagine him winking at us while he’s singing.

“Dry Spell”, on the other hand, is a good break from the usual pop plus folk type songs. Jazzy stylin’ and sweet serenadin’, this one earns mega points from us:

[youtube id=”lvQtS60QxIw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

If you generally like live music/live bands, you’d want to get up and sway along to that one – even if you don’t know the words! We know we did. Shamelessly. After all, we definitely have been waiting far too long for a talent like him. Far too long!

Casey Abram’s self-titled album is out now so go grab a copy from a music store near you!


For more information, visit his official website.

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