Oh, you know, Steve Aoki, well known for his stage dives and crowd surfs. In fact, he does it so much that we kinda knew that one day, sh*t would definitely go down – and go down bad. As in, end in tears.

During his show in Puerto Rico, the Dim Mak label head attempted his stunt but it went awry. Steve had attempted to jump off the DJ console and onto a trampoline, and eventually (we think) he was hoping to land into the crowd for a bit of his crowd-surfing routine. Sure, on paper it all sounds awesome.



[youtube id=”iqCENDTrbkg” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Yup. Steve was catapulted into the back of the stage, and was quickly rushed to the hospital. He later tweeted, “I wanna let everyone know that I’m A-OK! Went to hospital got CT Scans and no spinal injuries from my stagedive trampoline fail!”

Geez, Steve. We’re just glad that you’re alive.


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