DJ Calvin Harris now knows never to mess with the Mama Monster. During an interview on BBC Breakfast, Calvin reportedly mentioned that he didn’t want to work with Lady Gaga. But according to the songstress, she didn’t even bring up anything to the DJ.

Enter the great big Twitter blow up.

Gaga tweeted the following upon the news:


Oh. Ouch.

Since Calvin isn’t your average “drama queen” (or maybe he was just scared with Gaga), he responded, “@ladygaga no your label emailed me. I always make sure I say I’m a fan when asked about it, I apologise if I offended u, wasn’t the intention”. The 26-year-old Lady Gaga took his apology positively. In turn, she too extended her apology and even congratulation him on the release of his new album.

And then a wild Zedd appeared with:

LOL! Oh, Zedd.

In any case, let’s just hope that Gaga and Harris might actually work on a track or two together in the near future!

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