Over the last five years, the Merry Opera has staged 200 performances, reaching an audience of over 20,000 people across southern England, Greater and Central London. The company has trained – and paid – over 80 performers and production personnel under the tutelage of stage and music directors of international standing. This year, they’re touring “La Traviata“.

In the cultural melting-pot of London’s galleries, clubs and cafés, burlesque artiste Violetta is the reigning queen, adored by everyone from barristers to baristas. But she’s hiding a fearful secret. When she unexpectedly and unconditionally falls for young city trader Al, neither has any idea where it might lead, especially since Al harbours a secret too…


 “…beyond the fact that it was good fun, it was also surprisingly affecting”The Daily Telegraph.

The Merry Opera Company aims to widen the appeal of opera by staging professional shows in modern English to be appreciated by audiences more accustomed to musical theatre, while staying true to the core of the original.

Next month, Gardner & Wife Theatre presents the UK’s Merry Opera Company’s critically-acclaimed production of “La Traviata”, complete with a witty English libretto and a refreshing stage setting with a multi-cultural cast.

Deets are as follows:

Date: 27th November (Tuesday) till 9th December (Sunday)

Time: 8.30pm (Tue-Sat) and 7pm (Sun)

Venue: Theatre @ PJ Live Arts, Jaya One


Ticketing: RM185, RM155, RM135, RM100

To purchase tickets online, click! Otherwise, call +6017-2BUY-TIX (+6017-2-289-849). Online packages are also available at Gardner & Wife Theatre’s website.

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