Taiwanese-American rising R&B music sensation “MiniAchilles”  aka Jason Chen brings a more Western touch for showcasing his talented vocals to the masses : by converting viewers into fans through the power of social media such as YouTube. His motto (and the one true description of his innermost passion)?

Music Never Sleeps“.

If you’ve ever heard his covers/originals, you’d assume that he must’ve started singing since the day he learnt to walk. But the truth is, although Jason only learned to play the violin when he was much younger, he only started singing when he was 18 years old. When he was in his 2nd year of college, his friends encouraged him to upload videos of him singing on YouTube – and the rest, as they say, is history.


Since then, Jason Chen has evolved from producing ear-pleasing acoustic creations into crafting amazing re-imaginings of contemporary hits.

From his soulful mash-up interpretation of Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie/ Not Afraid”,  his most excellent pure English cover of BIGBANG Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress”:

[youtube id=”RJi1WBFBlck” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Coupled with his addictively soothing remix of Nelly’s “Just a Dream” with fellow YouTube artiste Joseph Vincent, it is not surprising that he has a significant following on various online social network sites. We fully recommend you check him out across all platforms starting with, of course, his YouTube channel.

We promise it’s filled with awesome videos of him singing covers from popular artistes from all over the world! Thank us later, yes?

For more information, hit up his official website or follow him on Twitter for more timely updates.

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