Maybe this is LiLo’s way to calm people down but to some, they might think she’s making a joke out of it. With all the news circling about Hurricane Sandy, troubled star Lindsay Lohan decided to give it a twist, coupled with what “expertise” (or therefore lack of) that she possesses.

Lohan tried to calm everyone down by changing the hurricane name from “Hurricane Sandy” to, uh, “Hurricane Sally”:


So how did her fans responded to her ‘Sally’ tweet?  It was retweeted more than 3000 times and she also received some weird responses as, “You high sis?”.

Seriously though, you high LiLo?

And since she doesn’t have a publicist at the moment, Lohan is flying free without any limit. Many publicists are scared to work with Lohan because to them it’s a “suicide mission”, according to the New York Daily News. “Anyone who represents her is taking a risk because she flies off the handle, she’s uncontrollable and she gets in her own way”, said one. Apart from that, another paper said, “She doesn’t need a publicist. She needs to get her s*** together!”

We think the same too. LiLo, get your s*** together!


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