41-year-old Jason Sullivan, the winner of the reality TV show, “HomeMade” and a model was caught red handed climbing the fence of Tom Cruise’s home. But it wasn’t not one of those “mission impossible” thingamajigs or an attempt to break into Tom Cruise’s house.

Apparently, Sullivan thought it was his residence.


At about 9:35 p.m, Cruise’s security guards saw a guy climbing over the fence. Sullivan was tasered and brought to the police station. Judging by his move, he’s not a very lucky guy to begin with. It appears that his neighbour was highly intoxicated and was treated at a hospital for his injuries.

Suri’s dad, Cruise, was not at home when the incident occurred.

Source: tmz.com

According to a police statement, “Sullivan lives at an adjacent property and was intoxicated at the time of the incident and may have confused himself and entered the wrong property”.

Ouch! That’s gotta hurt! But we reckon his pride hurt more.


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